Interactive Pilates

Better Sleep

Do you miss out on what others take for granted?


Who had a good night’s sleep last night?  Who wakes up as though they had never been asleep?  Who naps often during the afternoon?

Dear Sleep: I know we had problems when we were younger,

But I love you now.

Lack of sleep is linked to stress, obesity, high blood pressure and depression.  Lack of sleep makes everything seem much worse than it is.  It can lead to us being confused, clumsy and bad-tempered.

Our bodies regenerate when we sleep; magic is worked by the hormones, systems and organs.

How we can help you:

Our sleep routine is based on patterns and signals; if you have the wrong patterns or signals you will not get a good night’s sleep.  We can help you find your own night time routine so that sleep comes easily, and you stay asleep.

  • Sleep hygiene – a fancy way to helping you set the scene for a good night’s sleep
  • What are you sleeping on?
  • What happens to your body temperature at night?
  • Does something (or someone) keep you awake
  • Busy head – let’s get rid of that
  • Thinking about tomorrow – let’s have done with today first.

We help by giving you strategies to help you sleep better which will reduce your stress levels, reduce your pain and will make you a happier person.