Class Card Bookings

Class Cards are the BEST VALUE for booking the Apparatus sessions.  They give you the freedom and flexibility pick and choose your sessions.

Available in blocks of 4 for £48, they don't have an expiry date, and you can use them for ANY of the sessions below.

All we ask is that you BOOK your session!  

Why Class Card?

  • You might have a busy social / family life and cannot commit to the same session every week
  • You might only be able to attend certain sessions at certain times.

These are the two main reasons to buy a class card.  All we ask is that you book in as many classes as you have paid for.

  • Devotee Beginners Studio

    Monday 11am

  • Devotee Female Fat Loss

    Monday 6pm

  • Devotee Spine Safe

    Monday 6.50pm

  • Devotee Female Fat Loss

    Tuesday 5pm

  • Devotee Studio Strength

    Wednesday 10.30am

  • Devotee Spine Safe

    Friday 10.30am