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Reformer | Half Cadillac | PediPole | Chair Small Props

Pilates is more than just mat.

Mat is excellent, but think turbocharged results with the larger equipment.  Our studio offers the Reformer, Half Cadillac (aka Tower), PediPole and Chair.

Most of the studio equipment originates from when Joseph Pilates was interned in Isle of Man, North West England, during the second world war. He volunteered as a health care assistant on a rehabilitation ward and used the pulleys and springs of the beds to help rehab his patients (so the story goes...).


A modern take on his original idea.  A system of springs, pulleys and a frame, the reformer is a must of all studios.  It can be converted to a mat when not needed as a reformer.

To see the Reformer in action, click here.


  • Everyone can do it! The springs and position adapt to novice and advanced alike.
  • Reform your... Core, Back Pain, Posture, Butt...  The list is endless, as the Reformer gets great results.
  • Rehab your...  injuries and conditions.  Long-term conditions lend themselves very well to Reformer training.
  • Mum and Bump.  With the counterbalance, positioning and breathing, the Reformer is perfect for pregnancy
  • Weight Loss.  As the song goes "Gonna Make You Sweat", and using the Jumpboard in particular, you will lose weight, and the Pilates moves themselves will make you look sleeker.
  • "Stiff as an old board".  You'll never here that phrase again; flexibility is improved with the Reformer.
  • Day-to-Day activities.  Imagine being less achy and stiff during your daily life...  You will after the Reformer.
  • Stress Less.  Breathing is known to help reduce stress; the controlled breaths when using the Reformer will lower your stress levels with each session.
  • Battery Life:  Top up your energy lives with an invigorating session on the Reformer.

Half Cadillac

Also known as a Tower, the Half Cadillac is attached to one end of the reformer, and is a series of Springs and bars which add challenge and variation to moves.  We can lie, sit or stand whilst using the Tower, and even use a gym ball.  It is perfect for small group Pilates circuits as there a many exercises we can do in many positions.


The wonderful device that is the Pilates Pedi pole, there are a variety of exercises that can be done with it, which is  brilliant for stabilizing and aligning the body.
It's one of the most challenging pieces of apparatus in the studio because there's little to support you; you have to pull in and up instead of moving forward or back as you move your limbs—it's like tying a knot in a piece of string, when you pull on the ends the knot tightens, and that's exactly what happens to your core when you work with the Pedi pole.


Pilates designed the Chair to be a part of everyday living...  He wanted it to be used as both chair and exercise equipment.  Seated, lying or resting on the Chair enables a variety of moves to be performed.  We can also use the Chair with the Half Cadillac in a Pilates circuit class.

Small Props

These are very useful and versatile to help you 'get' the move.  They can help with balance, where you body is placed (proprioception), guide you and emphasise certain muscles and movements.

Too many to mention, but include:

  • Balls - large and small
  • Weights - just the light ones
  • Gondola Pole - for balance and challenge
  • Sitting Box - sitting/lying movements and it is also used on the Reformer / Half Cadillac
  • Jump Board - in my opinion, the BEST thing about the Reformer!
  • BOSU - Like a stability ball, but dome shaped
  • Magic Circles - You'll thank me later
  • Chattanooga Stabiliser &  BioFeedback.  THE best way to make sure you are working your abs correctly.
  • Hedgehog - like a knobbly dome, good for fascial release, balance work and working with Scoliosis'.

Plus many other items!