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"...I thought you were utterly amazing at what you do and I couldn't  think of a better person to work with her to get a better balance in her life..."

A referral to me from a Physiotherapist: her client had seen lots of other health care professionals.

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When we started in 2001 teaching Pilates, it was an exercise method that wasn't on everyones lips.  Not many people had heard about it, let alone understood the massive benefits it had.

We've always offered free sessions as it makes sure that we understand you and your needs, and it also helps you to make up your mind about us.

Over the years we have incorporated lots of other ways of helping people.  Pilates is brilliant, don't get me wrong, but there are so many ways to make your sessions effective.

Having a background in Pain Management within the NHS taught me that there is no 'one thing' that will help everyone; a toolbox of approaches is needed.  That is what we offer.  In a sense, 'Pilates' is a convenient way to advertise the sessions as now it is understood much more widely.

STUDIO TASTER SESSIONS - What else can we offer/do in a session?

Depending on your needs and outcomes, how about:

  • iMoveFreely
  • Professional Relaxation
  • Holistic Pain Management
  • Nerve/Muscle Release
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sleep help

As you can see - there is much more we can do - so, that is why we offer a free session.  Of course, you can have JUST Pilates, but I'm convinced it won't be your best option.

FREE always means FREE - you are under no obligation to come again.  If we are not right for you - that is fine!

You'll never know, until you try us out!