Hedgehog Workshp (1)

Created and brought to you by Chartered Physiotherapist

Tracey Gjertsen of

The Body Motion Company.

For Pilates Teachers, Personal Trainers, Physiotherapist, Rehab Specialists and Fitness Instructors.

Sunday 7th May 10am-5pm


Hedgehog Workshop

Join us for a brand new hedgehog workout…

The ‘hedgehog’ works like a foam roller, spikey ball, spine stretcher and balance board to add variety and challenge to familiar exercises that stretch, strengthen, and condition.

The hedgehog offers an affordable, portable and unique way to enjoy Pilates, challenge your PT clients and can be adapted for use in classes of all levels and 1-1 sessions.

The one-day course covers therapeutic and clinical use of the hedgehog to cover a range of health conditions and rehabilitation scenarios, plus exercise progressions for beginner, intermediate and advanced class formats.

It is ideal for Pilates teachers, Physiotherapists, Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers alike.

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Price for the workshop and your own hedgehog to take away £125.  Additional hedgehogs can be bought for £18 (with a professional business account).

The Back Room Studio, Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 1DF

On-street parking or outside the venue.

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