Interactive Pilates

As someone once said "We're all in this together"

Long-term pain is something I have too. Read more about how I know I can help you.

On a personal note I have continuous hip and lower back pain as I was born with congenital hip dysplasia, and I am also hypermobile.

Both conditions affect my joints and often walking, sitting and moving can become quite uncomfortable.  Not wanting to take medication I used my healthcare knowledge to think of another way of managing my daily discomfort.

This led me to the various treatment options I now use on myself and my clients.

I have had over 30 years of experience in the fitness and wellness sector, seeing thousands of clients improve their lives.  More recently I have expanded my practice to include specialist Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue / ME recovery, as well as breast cancer recovery and pelvic floor health.

Having worked in the NHS within a very busy Pain Management team (where I taught Pilates, Relaxation and Exercise), and having talked to hundreds of pain management patients, it became clear to me that there isn’t a ‘one thing fits all’ treatment for everyone who has pain or discomfort.

Often it is the combination of a few simple self-treatments that help people feel better, increase their confidence, be more productive, reduce their pain and discomfort, and increasingly self-treatments are the most effective.

In today’s world there is too much hustle and bustle, and we all need time to step out of the world we inhabit, and enter a world where everything is just for you!  Whether it is Pilates, Professional Relaxation or Insomnia help... this list is extensive.

I have a dedicated home Pilates studio where all treatments are carried out.  We have a range of Pilates equipment that both supports and challenges you – depending on your needs and abilities. We also have large Pilates equipment which is a great help for those in pain.

In the community I run the exercise classes at SMILE Preston and Blackpool and I am also on the Teaching Team on Royal Preston's IMPACT course (pain management service).

Most of my 1-2-1 and group clients have some form of long term chronic pain - we help manage their pain.  I practice what I preach, and as a result I have much better sleep, less pain and less stress.

You can too!