Interactive Pilates

Less Stress

Stress comes in many forms:


It means different things to different people.  As a rule of thumb my personal definition is:

If it makes me happy and makes my heart sing, I do it

If I feel a pang of ‘oh no’ I don’t do it.

But, I do live in the real world and have first-hand experience of when even I cannot hold myself to that maxim.

We don’t willingly admit to any form of stress, we say we are “OK”, “fine” and other words.  But we are not.

If we were fully assessed I would guess that the majority of us are chronically stressed: we are used to being stressed that our bodies don’t know any different.

How we can help you:

There are many ways to relax; we guide and coach you through Professional Relaxation techniques.  This allows the body to fully (physiologically relax).  It does not involve a bottle of wine or a film!

  • Breathing – for relaxation and to energise your body when it is feeling low
  • Look at some of the reasons for being stressed – we often don’t see a solution as it is usually underneath our noses!
  • We make sure that your ‘space’ for relaxation is the best it can be.
  • We help you body and mind calm down and settle
  • This in itself can help you sleep much better
  • Help you feel less anxious
  • Helps reduce your pain