Congratulations!  You're expecting a baby!Safe, effective exercie

There are many ways Pilates can help your body, mind and baby.  There are many changes happening, and your body is adapting everyday.   Being in a group of like-minded women can be empowering - it gives you the chance to mix and mingle with women who are pregnant.  They will probably be at different stages, so you can bet that someone in the class is either going through similar to you, or you can draw on others' experience of what might be next for you!

Specialist Pre Natal Pilates 1-2-1 courses are held exclusively at

our Goosnargh Studio

What happens in an Pre Natal Pilates class?

We aim to make everyone comfortable throughout the class, so it is important to communicate your needs and feelings to me.  Chances are if you are feeling/experiencing something, others will be too, so don’t be shy.  Having said that, if you want to see me before class to have a chat, that is absolutely fine.

Like any normal class Pregnancy Pilates starts with a warm up (usually some standing and lying moves), then we work different parts of the body.  We concentrate on the key areas of the body – pelvic floor, around the pelvis, abdominals, back strength and upper body posture.  At the end of the class we also enjoy a relaxation session…

For your comfort and exercise adaptation there is a variety of equipment we can use. small ball pre In a small class we usually use small balls and long exercise bands, don't worry, I'll bring anything extra that you need.

As we usually only meet once a week, there is the opportunity to continue some of the moves at home/work, via the ‘Fundamentals’ moves.  These are a snapshot of the basic Pilates moves we use in class.  The aim is to complete each move five times, holding each movement longer each round of practice; keep all moves Relax... and breathe...within your ability and comfort levels.  We then finish off with a wonderful relaxation session...

We are proud to offer weekly classes for all mums to be at our Goosnargh Studio, or in one of our  evening classes (though these are not specifically Pre Natal, we can make sure you get the best out of your workout). Everyone from their 2nd trimester is welcome.  We just need to make sure you are OK to exercise (most women are, so don't worry), and we'll do the rest.

Booking on is easy - just click email me:, and you will be booked on. Please feel free to call me to discuss your requirements, or any questions you may have.