Interactive Pilates

Our Studio and Matwork classes are the same price. Here's why...

Surely they should be more expensive, given that the equipment costs thousands of pounds...?

We see the use of equipment integral to your development and progression in Pilates.  Each piece of equipment or prop we may use is designed to enable you to accomplish your matwork effectively.

In our matwork sessions (in our small group evening courses) we often use props: small balls, bands, circles, etc, and whilst they add variety to the workout, their real function is to assist your body in achieving the moves of the pilates Matwork repertoire.

For every evening course we provide small props to enable you to use, regardless of the cost to the company - we don't charge you extra!

Why would we?  It is in our own (selfish) interest to get you working safely and well; without them, a lot of the moves would be unsafe and unsuitable.

The large studio equipment is the same:- it is there so you can get the best out of the Pilates moves and your body, so why would we charge extra for that?

Mat and equipment sessions are the same price.

No Difference.  Ever.

Payment Methods

For our Small Group Evening Courses we offer monthly standing order payment. Please contact Cath for more details as these change course by course.

Payment can be made by bank transfer.  To book direct with Cath please call her direct 0794 10123052 or email