Interactive Pilates

Whatever brings you to the studio, we can use either the mat or the studio equipment.

Also remember all our classes are the same price - you get results, but not at any cost.

New Start - Pilates for Beginners

This course is all about beginners:

You may have tried group classes at local centres or classes, but due to the nature of the class (which can be large and impersonal), you may feel that you don’t get the right attention.

Other reasons can be:

  • Are you able to hear or see everything the instructor is showing you?
  • Are you surrounded by ‘skinny-minnies’ or the all-achieving sports people?
  • Can’t seem to find someone else just like you in the class?
  • You need to moves specifically modifying for you
  • You want to get back into a hobby or pastime

People come to Pilates for lots of reasons.  My clients tend to be (on the whole) 40 plus, with either busy jobs, or retired busy women who now feel it's time for ‘them’.  They often have been so busy in their lives that they haven’t done anything for themselves for years…

If the above sounds like you, the the New Start programme is just what you need!

Complete Pilates

As the name suggests…

You have completed the New Start programme, or you have had some experience of Pilates.

Either way, you have the basics under your belt, and can now progress.

Now you are stronger, more flexible and understand some of the Pilates lingo, we can start to add and vary the equipment.

Again your goals and results are paramount.  They will have probably changed from when you initially started with Experience Pilates, or you may wish to stay simple, and use different equipment.

Either way, it’s your call.

Barre Pilates

Did you know Pilates is more than just lying down?

Joseph Pilates worked with hundreds of ballet dancers in his New York Studio, where he helped rehabilitate dancers from local schools and the dancers working on Broadway.

We are unique in the area having the PediPole - not as easy as it looks, take your Barre Class to another level.

We also use the Jump Board on the Reformer to make the Tendu's, Demi Point and Plies all joint-friendly.  Light arm weights are added to tone and sculpt your arms.

  • For every standing move, there is a lying move…
  • For every lying move, there is a standing move…

Reform Your Fat Loss

Weight Loss usually leaves you the same shape, but smaller.

Fat Loss is different to Weight Loss

  • Like you've been deflated.
  • You're in a dress size smaller, but not toned up.
  • You count calories, but still have the 'spare tyre' around your waist.
  • Weight Loss is due to calorie counting, and reducing calories.
  • That can lead to hunger, cravings, lack of energy and feeling deprived of certain foods.

Female Fat Loss meets the Reformer and Tower.


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