Open Studio Training - what is it? Please take your time to ready MY WHY...


Pilates is much more than matwork - yes Joseph Pilates did use the mat, but before that, there was (and still is) the large studio equipment.

It is reported that most of his equipment was invented (or at least prototyped) whilst he was in the Isle of Man during the first world war. He used bed springs, pulleys and levers to help rehabilitate the wounded servicemen from the war.


Today the equipment has evolved but is still the starting point to any Pilates work.


We have in the main opted for the matwork because quite frankly it is a less expensive way of doing Pilates: you just need a mat and a few pieces of small equipment.


I believe from all the research I've done, that the equipment was the first place to start: let the large equipment help you with the moves (some of which are very challenging indeed). Matwork was for those strong enough to do it without the equipment.


Why Open Studio Training...?


It is my mission (to use the popular vernacular) to make equipment Pilates available to everyone at a price bracket that is open to everyone.


I am on a mission to train Joe Public in Pilates so well that they can use the large equipment IN THEIR OWN TIME WITHOUT DIRECT SUPERVISION. You will be trained extremely well (if you didn't know I am a qualified teacher and assessor and will be delivering Level 3 and Level 4 Pilates/back care classes in 2018).


I will be opening the studio up to everyone who has gone through the training - you will be able to book in sessions, and I will be around...


Show me the money


How much will each session then cost (after full training)? Depending on how many times per week you want to come, from £10/session to £15. The more often you come, the less per session you pay. I've seen 1-2-1 equipment sessions at £60/session (min 6 session blocks) at other Lancashire studios,


Having completed an internet search I know we will be unique in the area, and feedback has been amazing. 3 out of the 5 November slots for THE BEST PRICE have been taken, so just 2 left, so don't delay any longer.

I will still be offering our specialist courses - 1-2-1 and group, but the open studio training is your perfect opportunity to really learn the equipment and make your own training specific to you.


Thank you for reading, and share the pants off this!!


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When my Grand Dad died 15 years ago, he left me a loft apartment in lower end New York. I moved to live in New York and began restoring the loft apartment.

In some old boxes, I found my Grand Dad's analog camera he had been using for ages. This was some kind of sign I recalled and the rest is history.

Enjoy the show.


If you are only going to one exhibition this year..

Then I urge you to visit the new Janelle Awkward exhibition in lower east side New York. Photographs with layers upon layers of visual information. Total brain meltdown once you start analyzing Janelle Awkward's images. The exhibition here in New York was absolutely stunning and I can 100% recommend it.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Absolutely stunning...

Janelle Awkward is on of the best photographers in our lifetime. She is able to capture our complex lives with simple motives. The new show at New York Center of Photography contains some of Janelle Awkward's best photos from her early period and up until 2010.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

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