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Why Experience Wellness does what it does

Why do I get out of bed in the morning…to do what I do?why we do

Can you answer that?  I mean REALLY answer that?

At first I couldn’t…  I kept going back to the same answer… to help people.  But that is a result of what I do, not why I do…

Head scratch again…

I needed help with this, so I drew a spider-map (mind map) with reasons why I do what I do.  It wasn’t easy.  Here are my findings on why I do what I do…

When I was born I had congenital hip dysplagia.  In essence it’s when the hip socket and the head of the thigh bone aren’t as well seated as they should be and can dislocate or not join together.

Now, back in the day (late 1960’s) it was a time when your local GP came to visit you in hospital and check that mum and baby were OK.  Mum was fine (as much as you can be after a delivery), but he didn’t like the look of my right hip.  Today’s treatments are a lot different to back then; he ‘wiggled’ my leg and hip, and my hip and thigh were in the right place.

However, since then I have had hip and lower back pain, and I am also hypermoible (not quiet EDS), but still more bendy than the average Joe…

Why tell me all this…?  Well, it’s part of my ‘Why’…

I have chronic pain in my right hip and lower back; I’ve tried medication (either makes me feel sick or drowsy) and I don’t like taking tablets.   So my personal mission was to find out more about how to manage my pain.

In the mid 2000’s I managed to secure a position within the Pain Management Service at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.  There I learned so much – and it helped me manage my pain much better (I took on board all the information given and applied it to me and my pain patterns).

One of the biggest lessons I learned from that time was that pain needs to be managed as best as possible by each individual. yes, medication has its place, but there are lots of ways to help yourself.

Which brings me to my WHY… (thanks for bearing with me…)

Everything we do at Experience Wellness, we believe in people helping themselves; we believe there is always something that will help with your pain,movement and stress.

We find many ways to help manage pain and discomfort by making our sessions fun, simple, effective and very practical which allows you to live your life fully again.

And we happen to teach fantastic sessions.

And we get fantastic life-changing results.