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Metabolic Effect

  • ME & MEasure - FREE Resources
  • Female Fat Loss 1-2-1 Programme
  • Female Fat Loss Small Group Class

Small Group Classes

  • Tuesday 6.30 & 7.35pm
  • Wednesday 6.30 & 7.35pm
  • Thursday 5.25, 6.30 & 7.35pm

Diamond Pilates

  • Pelvic Floor Health 1-2-1 Programme

Spine Safe Pilates

  • Because not all Pilates moves are good for your back!

How we have helped others

Pilates, to me, had always been a mind numbing experience, where I spent the hour of my weekly class, watching the clock...

I decided to give it one last try before abandoning it for ever and arranged one-to-one sessions with Cath Hopkinson. From day one, I didn’t even think about looking at the time, as Cath kept my interest throughout the hour each week. 

The best bit is that when I get something wrong, there is no feeling of “being admonished by the teacher” but being allowed to break the tension by laughing about the mistake and trying again.

I have to be honest that I really enjoy the weekly sessions – something that I didn’t believe would ever be the case!"

Janet, Management Executive

Thank you very much for your invaluable advice and instruction which has demonstrated the effectiveness of expertly taught Pilates.

I hope you appreciate the difference you have made.

(Attended sessions due to chronic neck/shoulder pain and within 3 months had considerably more movement and less pain than she had had for the previous 5 years).

Anne, Darwen 

From pre-pregnancy to post pregnancy I received individual professional support and guidance within the group setting.

A wonderful and safe experience.

Tracy - proud mother of two...


I enjoy your classes and the variety of exercises you introduce in them. When you offered some additional one to one classes over the summer I thought it would be a good opportunity to work on my shoulder and arm which had been feeling stiff.

I felt very relaxed working with you and confident that you would be able to offer me a bespoke programme of exercise.

I appreciated  the effort you put into making sure that I had the best exercises for me, making sure that I did them correctly and at the same time making it enjoyable.

My shoulder feels much 'freer' than it did before I started working with you which is a relief to me, thank you.

Pauline, Fulwood (Small Group Class and Private 1-2-1 course)

In 2010 I injured my back during an exercise class.  I struggled to walk properly but with intense physio I returned back to normal.

The pain returned in 2012 after long drives to work and my work becoming more office based.

Cath was recommended to me. My concern was hurting my back again.

Cath was very approachable and I felt at ease with her... and now my back pain has gone.

The added bonus is the change to my body shape.

Rachel, (Top Legal Eagle) Garstang (Small Group Class)

I chose individual classes when I was pregnant and feeling some pain and discomfort in my pelvis. It helped me prevent the pain worsening towards the end of my pregnancy by maintaining some core stability. Following the birth of my daughter, I was still suffering from weakness in my abdominals due to the muscles separating quite significantly.

The classes have helped to reduce this separation and increase the tone in my stomach muscles.  The classes are tailored to the want/need of its members, targeting different areas specifically so benefiting everyone appropriately. The grading of exercises allows everyone to be able to get maximum benefit without pushing too much..... Unless you want to of course.     My stomach muscles are resuming to more normal strength and tone. My flexibility is increasing gradually which is great for encouraging me to continue with the classes.

Cath is particularly approachable as a teacher and is always able to reply to emails or phone calls if needed – with a sense of humour!!

This is a rare quality and we are lucky to have found her.

Leesa S, (Chartered Physiotherapist, Small Group and private 1-2-1 sessions)