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Pilates Devotees


We are very grateful you spend your time, energy and money with us!

If you pay by standing order or any of the advanced payment methods you are a Pilates Devotee!

Below are the ways you can get involved with us: just click the Group you belong to and access your special page.


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    Small Group Mat

    Who is this for?

    Your space at your preferred Pilates class is guaranteed.  You can swap to another class that week - just let Ellie know: 

    Classes available:

    • Great Eccleston, Tuesday 6.30pm & 7.35pm
    • Longridge, Wednesday 6.30pm & 7.35pm | Thursday, 5.25pm, 6.30pm (Spine Safe) and 7.35pm.


    Your class reservation is automatic for as many classes as you have committed to - you don't need to do a thing, except turn up!  An email will be sent when you are due to renew (if you are on the 3 month/6 month packages).

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    Open Studio Community

    Who is this for?

    You have successfully worked through the Open Studio Training course, and you can now book your own sessions.  These are community sessions so there may be others in the studio with you.

    Use this link to book your sessions:


    If you have a preference for a specific time slot we strongly advise you to advance book as many as you can.  I wouldn't like you to miss your slot!


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    Class Card

    Who is this for?

    • This is our most flexible and best value way of taking part in the Apparatus classes.  
    • No expiry date
    • Preferential prices
    • Buy 4 classes at £12 each (pay as you go price £15)
    • Book 4 classes in advance - cancel when you need to
    • A 24-hour cancellation policy (please cancel before 24 hours or the session will be forfeited).

    Use the right link to book your sessions:

    Beginners Studio:

    Female Fat Loss:

    Studio Strength:

    Spine Safe:

    Ellie keeps a record of usage, and an email will be sent when you are on your 3rd class.  If you would like details of our 3 month Class Card, please email Ellie 

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    Privates / Duets

    Who is this for?

    • We offer specialist courses for many aches and pains, and each session is bespoke.

    Use this link to book your sessions:


    Towards the end of your course, you will receive an email with your options.  If you would like to continue with your Private / Duet session or wish to join one of our other classes, please email Ellie 

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    Workshops and Events

    Who is this for?

    • All of our Pilates Devotees!
    • We offer regular Workshops led by Cath, and we will also be introducing new teachers and tutors with a different outlook on movements.
    • These are either FREE or at a reduced cost for you.

    Use this link to see our latest workshops and events: