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Active IQ L2 Mental Health Awareness and First Aid


Mental Health Awareness & First Aid


You're here as you are a learner on the Active IQ Level 2 Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid.

You have exclusive access to links and resources.

You will have been given details of your organisations page, but please email cath@experiencewellness.co.uk should you need assistance.

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(i) Mental Health Awareness

(ii) Mental Health First Aid

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Mental Health Awareness

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Online courses from Your Pilates Space

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FREE Student Membership Area


We offer a FREE membership to all our clients, depending on the course they have chosen.

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  • Open Studio Training
  • Small Group Mat
  • Specialist 1-2-1's
  • Studio Strength

Breast Cancer Recovery

You've had your diagnosis, and your treatment, maybe surgery.

Now it's time to think of you, and getting back to the old you.  Our specific 1-2-1 course has helped tens of women heal and fully recover.

You needn't have had surgery, or any treatment.  We can help get you moving: flexible, strong and facing the world again.


Open Studio Training

Our 12-session course is unique!  

Within your membership area you will find all you manuals: technical and Repertoire 1.

You will also get a copy of your Pilates By Numbers Open Studio Summary cards, and a selection of equipment set up videos.

Pelvic Floor Health

We all have a pelvic floor - men too!!

But is it working properly?  Do you have any 'oops' moments or when you need to go... you need to go!

Our 6-week course helps with these, and other pelvic floor problems.

Homework start here

Small Group Mat

Our Small Group Mat courses are the longest running the Ribble Valley!

We run monthly themed courses, so this is where your homework and extra information will be stored.

Themed differently each month - with and without small equipment.

pilates blocks

Specialist 1-2-1's

We are renown for being able to help many people, often those who have been turned away by other teachers.

Why is that? Because we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.  One of the best 'proper jobs' I ever had was working in a very busy Pain Management Service in the NHS.  I was trained by consultants, clinical psychologists and physiotherapy experts.

We're not all things to everyone, just the right one for some.


Studio Strength

Our flag-ship class and the BEST way of working out on the Studio Apparatus!

Class Pass - pay for 4 classes in advance, no expiry date, book into ANY of the Studio Strength  classes.  Classes daily - morning and evening.

Did we say NO EXPIRY DATE?  Just book when you know you can come to class - you are not fixed to a day or time.

We use the Studio Apparatus:

Reformer, Tower, Spine Corrector (Step Barrel), Pilates Stick, Chair and Small Equipment.